What to Gift a Star Wars fan for their birthdays or Christmas

by guest reviewer Lottie Norton 

Fed up with scrolling the internet endlessly for Star Wars gifts? I have narrowed down my top five gifts for a Star Wars enthusiast. May the force be with you as you find the perfect gift.

1. UK Pandora charm, £45    

Star Wars is NOT just for boys and pandora know that with their loveable Star Wars collection.

 Whether you like Star Wars, or not, you can’t go wrong with this adorable baby Yoda charm. The collection has charms of Star Wars characters. If one charm isn’t enough, you can buy a Star Wars charm bracelet to show the force is strong in this one.

2. Smugglers Crate - Star Wars gift box, £18.45

Smugglers Crate offers something that no other subscription box does, a whole crate of only Star Wars products. Starting at £18.45, you get amazing value for money with 5-7 Star Wars items that can range from a comic, tee-shirt, mug and even Yoda himself! There’s no commitment, you can do a one-time purchase making it the perfect gift option to surprise a Star Wars specialist. The variety of the gifts you get in the crate is a great alternative for someone who has most Star Wars gifts. You won’t be disappointed. This is the ideal gift for the ultimate Star Wars specialist. Order yours here

3. Darth Vader Helmet, £59.99

This Darth Vader helmet is the perfect companion for anyone’s mantel piece or bedroom regardless of age. You build the bust of Darth Vader and once finished you won’t be disappointed. It is stunning and is sure to catch anyone’s eye when they walk into the room. With an RRP of £59.99 it’s the perfect gift for any Star Wars fan that won’t break the bank. View it here

4. Storm Trooper mini mug, £7.50

This cheap and cheerful expresso mug is the perfect gift for any coffee lover. What better way to start your day than sipping your favourite beverage from one of your favourite franchises? It’s compact size ensures that you can take it anywhere with you but if it’s too nice to use you can store it on the mantlepiece as a collectable. Get yours here

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