Five subscription boxes every geek and gamer must have

by guest reviewer Lottie Norton

Smugglers Crate

Who doesn’t love a subscription box? The excitement of knowing that every month you’re going to get a surprise box of goodies is hard to turn down. Subscription boxes are great but with so many out there it can be daunting to know which box is the best for you. Luckily, I have rated the best subscription boxes on a scale of geek to gamer, so you know which one will tickle your fancy.

Thor Crate

1. Thor Crate

Thor Crate is the perfect subscription box if you're into anything Marvel and Avengers related! Included in each box is a bundle of exclusive Marvel gear and collectibles ranging from clothing, accessories, posters, figures, memorabilia and more. They source officially licensed items from brands like Disney and Funko as well as exclusive items from independent retailers meaning you will receive a unique variety of items each month! Get 20% off Thor Crate today when you follow this link


 Smugglers Crate

2. Smugglers Crate 

This was hands down my favourite subscription box (bias alert: I am a massive Star Wars fan). Smugglers crate offers something that no other subscription box does, it is solely Star Wars! This is a great box for all Star Wars enthusiasts. Instead of hoping each month that your box might potentially contain something Star Wars related, you know that that’s exactly what you’ll get. Sometimes there can be a worry that you’ll get junk in subscription boxes but not with smugglers crate, they’ve got you covered. The boxes offer gifts to suit everyone including your favourite figurines, artwork, memorabilia and accessories. Plenty to keep you entertained until your next box arrives. Something that they offer that other boxes don’t is artwork which is great for decorating your home or workspace. They offer a no strings attached contract which is perfect if you don’t want to commit past the first box and you can cancel anytime. The ‘one off’ crate is also a perfect gift option without the hassle of having to worry about subscribing. The monthly subscription is £18.45, the cheapest subscription box I have found so far! Each month you will be surprised with 5-7 Star Wars gifts. You get each box at the start of every month, what better way to celebrate pay day?


Loot Crate

3. Loot Crate

The generic box starts at a reasonable £27 incl. postage which is great for your general nerd. It’s even better if you’re looking for something more specific, they offer a ‘fright’ box for horror fans, a ‘DX’ box for pop culture fans and the ‘Sci-fi’ box for you guessed it sci-fi fans just to name a few. The boxes come with collectables, figures, mugs and t-shirts all delivered directly to your doorstep or someone else’s if it’s a gift. It’s a great box if you’re after some geeky goodies without something particular in mind.


Geek Fuel

4. Geek Fuel

They offer 3 packages: 1 month, 3 months or 6 months. Geek fuel is a bit pricier than the other subscription boxes with the 1-month subscription starting at $29 + P&P. Each box contains an exclusive T-shirt, collectables and figures. You can release your inner nerd by wearing a T-shirt with your favourite characters on. If you want to really spoil someone and you’re not on a budget, they offer a gift option a gift option boxes of 3-months, 6-months and 12-months so you can literally surprise someone for a whole year! Alternatively, they also offer a ‘one time gift’ option



Geek Gear

5. Geek Gear


Geek Gear is for the wizarding fanatic offering a range of subscriptions from tees, to props and even wizardry wands. If you adore all things like Harry Potter this should tickle your fancy. Subscriptions start from £25.99 per month for the Wizardry Mystery Box which includes an exclusive T-shirt design and 5-7 products that could range from replicas to wands. Subscribers can cancel their subscription at any time. 

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